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COVID-19 RT-PCR Detection Kit

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COVID-19 / RT-PCR Detection Kit / IgG/IgM Rapid Test

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The sensitivity of the kit is determined by the LoD. The LoD of Fosun 2019-nCov qPCR is 300 copies/mL. It means the 2019 nov can be detected as long as the concentration of 2019 nCov in the sample is greater than 300 copies/mL The LoD of previously marketed products is generally 500-1C00 copies/mL
  • Under the guidance of
  • Taqman Reverse Transcription PCR
  • Stringent QC with positive and no template controls
  • Manufacturing in ISO 13485 compliant and high-volume production facility

Product Details

Advantages of Novel Coronavirus(2019-nCov) 

 RT-PCR Detection Kit (Commercial Name: Fosun 

 2019-n Cov qPCr) 

 1. High sensitivity to minimize false negative rate 

 2. Detect three target genes at the same time to ensure 

 the accuracy of detection; 

 3. A unique anti-pollution system is adopted to avoid 

 false negative and false positive results at the same time; 

 4. The clinical effect has been fully verified after strict 

 multicenter trials 



 3 target detection reduce recheck and improve detection 


 Complete the detection of 96 samples in 2 hours with the 

 automatic extractor


 Internal control, UNG enzyme and dUtP were used to avoid 

 false negative and false positive results 

 Reagents have been clinically tested in 3 hospitals, and 

 preliminary results show that reagents are highly sensitive 

 and specifIc 

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