Shanghai ZhiBei Information Consulting Co., Ltd

About Us

Shanghai ZhiBei Information Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded during the global outbreak of new coronavirus. It is a window for overseas customers to provide consultation on medical and anti epidemic materials in China.

ZhiBei adheres to the development concept of "achieving customers and achieving the future". From the perspective of the whole value chain, it helps overseas customers to seek Chinese high-quality medical supplies suppliers with the consulting mode of solutions, so as to improve their comprehensive market competitiveness.

With the development of the epidemic situation, ZhiBei has been continuously cooperating with domestic medical suppliers. At the same time, from the perspective of business consulting, it has deeply participated in the design and operation of customer business strategy, and has combined the customer's business characteristics with the supplier's data, so as to ensure that the consulting project can promote the development of customer's business.

With Shanghai as its headquarters, the company has a global business scope, and adopts the point-to-point follow-up mode of business staff to allocate the most appropriate and high-quality resources for customers. ZhiBei has a practical expert consulting team composed of senior executives and elites from top 500 and well-known enterprises at home and abroad. With rich consulting service experience in the medical industry, and combining with the whole value chain consulting service system, ZhiBei can deeply understand the market demand and help customers succeed.

From the beginning of its establishment, ZhiBei has carried the mission of helping overseas customers build industry competitiveness and building sustainable development management platform. Through strategic cooperation with global medical management consulting agencies, business schools and benchmarking enterprises, we have accumulated the world's cutting-edge management technology methods, tools and data, established a perfect consulting system, paid attention to the actual landing value of management consulting, and paid attention to the continuous development and performance improvement of customers for a long time.

ZhiBei has helped more than 30 overseas medical institutions establish epidemic prevention material channels, comprehensively improve their market share and industry influence, and help dozens of domestic medical enterprises to explore overseas potential markets. In the future, it will not forget its original intention, forge ahead, continue to introduce China's excellent medical enterprises into the international market, and continue to help overseas customers' market competitiveness and influence, Build a better future together.

Enterprise service tenet: efficiency is life, quality is fundamental.